As far back as Roman times, the people of the Campoo Valley were described as courageous, hearty, and intrepid. Reinosa is a city of hardworking and passionate individuals. It was chosen as the Reinosa Steel Plant’s location for its climate, its location near Cantabrian seaports, and most importantly, for the renowned competence and commitment of its local workforce, which is evident to this day. Due to Reinosa’s location between the coast and plateau, it has always been a crossroads city of diversity, and this has contributed much to its unique identity.

The Reinosa Steel Plant isn’t just a company; we are an active member of our Cantabrian community. We support community investment on multiple levels, from fundraising for local charities to partnering with local schools to provide job training and career opportunities. We’re proud to support Cantabrian businesses, and we’re committed to developing our surrounding community by promoting health, culture, sporting events, and environmental outreach programs. The Reinosa Steel Plant is an active sponsor of community events and taking a lead role in regional celebrations.

We promote cultural and economic development in both local and regional communities. We’re an environmentally responsible company, continuously seeking ways to reduce energy costs, recycle by-product waste, and use clean operations practices in all manufacturing processes. We’re proud to promote our identity as a socially aware and responsible business to benefit not just our operations, but the people who live and work in Reinosa and the surrounding landscape.

We are Cantabria.


This town in Cantabria is in a stunning location, surrounded by high mountains.

Reinosa is 75 kilometres from the city of Santander, in the Campoo region. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, and its old town is the setting for interesting monuments such as: the Baroque church of San Sebastián; stone buildings in the Town Hall Square from the 16th- and 17th-centuries; La Casona, a stately house dating from 1830. The town’s restaurants offer specialities prepared with trout, boar and venison, along with traditional dishes of Cantabrian gastronomy such as mountain casserole. Don’t leave without trying the town’s most typical sweet: “pantortilla” (puff pastry with caramelised sugar). Very close to Reinosa, sports lovers will find the Alto Campoo ski resort and the Ebro Reservoir, where water sports are available. Another attractive outing is the climb to Tres Mares Peak, with stunning views from more than 2,000 metres above sea level.

Autonomous region:Cantabria