Forging: manufacturing process in which metal is formed into the desired shape by hammering, pressing, rolling, squeezing, and other such operations in one or more pieces of forging equipment.

The Reinosa Steel Plant has over 100 years of steel forging expertise. Our skilled workforce provides world class steel products to meet the most demanding requirements of sectors such as shipbuilding & offshore (mercantile and defense), electrical power generation, cement manufacturing, mineral preparation plants, the iron and steel industries, heavy machinery components, and many more. Our forged rolls offer outstanding internal and surface soundness to meet customers’ strength, hardness and reliability requirements. We offer:

  • Forgings: Weight: 3 – 70 Tons; Ø Max: 3.7 Meters Wide; 18 Meters Long

At the Reinosa Steel Plant, we forge pieces such as:

  • Forged Back-Up Rolls
  • Forged Rolls for Long Products
  • Forged Work Rolls (Cold or Hot Rolling Mills)
  • Ingots (Weight: 2.7 – 150 Ton / Polygonal & Round)
  • Mandrels (Pinion Shafts)
  • Spindles

The Reinosa Steel Plant forges ingots on 2000, 3000, and 8000 ton presses. We operate 30 furnaces, including boogie type and bell furnaces, all of which are gas heated with central computerized control to maximize heat treatment accuracy. All furnaces are specialized for each part and forging process, giving us maximum control to produce superior products. We have induction, vertical and conventional hardening facilities and quench tanks for oil, water and subzero hardening. We have 3 hardening tanks (2 water and 1 oil), each with vertical agitation, and the oil hardening tank offers secondary cooling. Additionally, we have a specific facility for forging continuous grain flow (C.G.F.) monoblock crankshafts.


  • Minimum Width:
    Maximum Width:
  • Minimum Length:
    Maximum Length:
  • Minimum Weight:
    Maximum Weight: 70 tons


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The Reinosa steel plant has specific units for forging and casting pieces with a worldwide activity scope, providing solutions to meet the needs of sectors such as shipbuilding (both mercantile and naval) electrical power generation, cement manufacturing plants, mineral preparation plants, steel and iron industries, heavy machinery components, and many more. We manufacture machined finished forgings (up to 70 tons) and castings (up to 140 tons). The Reinosa steel plant provides complete tailor-made solutions according to our customers’ needs in all sectors.