The Reinosa Steel Plant expertly manufactures critical parts used in the heavy machinery industry. Because our products’ end uses are subjected to extreme stresses, wear, and shocks, we constantly innovate our materials and processes to create long-lasting products for the capital goods sector. We manufacture parts for hydraulic and extrusion presses, counter-blow hammers, schabottes, and many more. Additionally, we make subassemblies of components, perform machining of large pieces, and offer other important added valve services to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

The Reinosa Steel Plant also offers our customers expert technical assistance to collaborate in the improvement of inner processes and also offer guidance on ways to achieve optimal product performance. Unlike other manufacturers who are mono-technology producers (either forgings or castings), the Reinosa Steel Plant can advise customers about our steel types and process options for best product performance and cost benefit.


  • Cylinder For Extrusion Press
  • Press Column
  • Eccentric Shaft
  • Conical Shaft
  • Die Holder
  • Press Cylinder
  • Tie Rods+ Nuts
  • Steering Column
  • Support Cone
  • Piston
  • Ø Maximum: 3.7 meters
  • Final Machine Weight: 3 – 70 tons
  • Maximum shaft dimensions: 3.7 x 5 x 18 meters
  • Steels: carbon and alloyed


  • Canon
  • Tail Head
  • Main Cylinder
  • Counterplaten
  • Main Press Cylinder
  • Counterplaten
  • Crown
  • Moving Crosshead
  • Bending Press
  • Press Lower Frame
  • Traverse
  • Slide Ram (Stossel)
  • Press Cross Head
  • Pressure Pin
  • Press Head
  • Press Frame 7 X 3 X 2,3 M (98 T)
  • Press Table (Inferior Support)
  • Cylinder Beams (Halter)
  • Press Cross Head
  • Shear Frame
  • Forged Tup (Ram)
  • Upper Tup (Ram)
  • Lower Tup (Ram)
  • Column Schabotte
  • Hammer Column Section
  • Hammer Cover
  • Column Schabotte
  • Guide Post
  • Ø Maximum: 8.0 meters
  • Final Machine Weight: 5 – 140 tons
  • Maximum length: 18 meters
  • Steels: carbon and alloyed

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The Reinosa steel plant has specific units for forging and casting pieces with a worldwide activity scope, providing solutions to meet the needs of sectors such as shipbuilding (both mercantile and naval) electrical power generation, cement manufacturing plants, mineral preparation plants, steel and iron industries, heavy machinery components, and many more. We manufacture machined finished forgings (up to 70 tons) and castings (up to 140 tons). The Reinosa steel plant provides complete tailor-made solutions according to our customers’ needs in all sectors.