Nicknamed La Naval by the local community, the Reinosa steel mill was founded in 1918 as a key part of Spain’s defense industry, and it quickly became the economic engine of the surrounding Campoo Valley. By 1920, it was the largest and most modern Spanish steel mill and one of the most important steel mills in Europe. In 1925, the Reinosa steel mill established the Apprentice School, which started the tradition of training its talented, multi-generational workforce. Over the next 3 decades, the mill experienced both growth and challenges (Republic, Civil War, World War II, Spanish Economic Crisis). The Reinosa steel mill invested in modernization in the 1970s and 1980s to maintain competitiveness and market shares as new competition emerged. It was privatized in 1995 and had five main production lines: steel, forge, foundry, rolling, and machining. After a century of rich history and important economic impact, the Reinosa steel mill is now under management of the NFL Industrial Group, and leadership is committed to elevating the Reinosa steel mill to be the world-class standard in the steel industry.

Since its beginning, the Reinosa steel mill has been an example of resilience and adaptation. It has moved from solely defense to developing world class standard steel products, and from public management to the private sector. The Reinosa steel mill has facilities for total vertical integration processes to be a one-stop-shop from scrap to high-quality, finished products. It is a single point of contact for complete manufacturing from start to finish. To date, the Reinosa steel mill represents 60% of economy in the surrounding region. While the Reinosa steel mill has had different names throughout its 100-year history, it has only grown and succeeded. It is a versatile and dynamic multi-product mill, and the we look forward to continuing its proud legacy and a future committed to new materials, sectors, market reach, and continued success.



Foundation of Reinosa Works


Incorporation into Astleros Espanoles


Astleros Espanoles. S.A., under the name of Fops y Aceros de Reinosa, SA


Foundation of Sidenor Group, with the merger of Acenor and Forjas y Aceros de Reinosa


Brazilian Company Gerdau acquires Sidenor


Deployment of Gerdau trademark for all the operations


The management team of Sidenof purchases the company from Gerdau


NFL (investment team) purchases the company from Sidenor along with the management team