A successful business is only as good as its dedicated workforce. Therefore, we encourage all Reinosa Steel Plant employees to be entrepreneurial and innovative. Pride is a key value at our mill, and all employees are inspired to take ownership and autonomy in their projects. Our employees are valued for their initiative and cross-department teamwork, for their insight into our mill operations and sales markets, and for their drive for continuing education and customer-forward focus in all their actions.

At the Reinosa Steel Plant, we believe in:

  • Continuing Training and Development: We give our employees the tools and resources to learn industry-forward steel operations and new technology. This includes teaching new operations, techniques, technologies, and concepts to improve both individual and team performance as well as learn new markets, processes, and products. We achieve this with master training materials created by technical experts (retired Reinosa Steel Plant workers and specialty consultants), collaboration with customers and industry contacts, and extensive R&D exploration.
  • Education Outreach in University Partnerships: We invest in the young professionals who will become the future talents in our industry. To achieve this, we partner with local universities to develop competitive, comprehensive student internships, sponsor initiatives with university and technical schools, and support training and education in manufacturing at community education institutions. This gives students and employees alike confidence and a desire to learn and improve.
  • Growth and Advancement: The Reinosa Steel Plant provides the guidance and assistance for employees to advance their careers. Department leaders encourage professional development on their teams and provide regular assessment and planning for career growth and advancement. We invest in our workforce so they can invest in themselves, contributing to the Reinosa Steel Plant’s overall productivity and success.