The Reinosa Steel Plant is a leading provider for steel forgings and castings critical to the power generation industry. Rapid economic growth and higher living standards in developing countries means that the demand for energy is increasing worldwide. Power generation is a key factor in maintaining technology and living standards, and the Reinosa Steel Mill has the experience and solutions to meet power generation product needs.

In partnership with our customers, the Reinosa Steel Plant participates in key energy projects such as China’s Three Gorges Dam (the largest hydraulic dam in the world), wind projects (both on and offshore) and manufacturing steel products that meet the highest standards for modern power plants. The challenges facing global power generation providers is on the rise, and the Reinosa Steel Mill is ready to meet these demands with our world class products and service.


  • Generator Shaft
  • Rotor Shaft
  • Generator Rotor Shaft
  • Diesel Generator Shaft
  • Wind Shaft
  • Pole Generator Shaft
  • Hydro Generator Shaft
  • Hydro Turbine Shaft
  • Upper Shaft Incl Bearing Collar
  • Bearing Collar
  • Valve Housing For Nuclear Sector
  • Nozzles
  • Tubesheet
  • Shaft Assembly
  • Motor Case
  • Ø Maximum: 3.7 meters
  • Final Machine Weight: 3 – 70 tons
  • Maximum shaft dimensions: 3.7 x 5 x 18 meters
  • Steels: carbon and alloyed


  • Kaplan Runner Hub
  • Valve Body
  • Pump Cover
  • HP Outer Casing
  • Steam/Gas Turbine Casing
  • The Possibilities Are Endless
  • Ø Maximum: 8.0 meters
  • Final Machine Weight: 5 – 140 tons
  • Maximum length: 18 meters
  • Steels: carbon and alloyed

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The Reinosa steel plant has specific units for forging and casting pieces with a worldwide activity scope, providing solutions to meet the needs of sectors such as shipbuilding (both mercantile and naval) electrical power generation, cement manufacturing plants, mineral preparation plants, steel and iron industries, heavy machinery components, and many more. We manufacture machined finished forgings (up to 70 tons) and castings (up to 140 tons). The Reinosa steel plant provides complete tailor-made solutions according to our customers’ needs in all sectors.