Forged Rolls: rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform.

The Reinosa steel plant specializes in forged rolls for hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, and long products. Our forged rolls offer outstanding internal and surface soundness and meet customers’ requirements for strength, hardness, and reliability. We manufacture forged rolls on advanced liquid forging hydraulic presses and we heat treat by means of double and progressive induction to guarantee that our products have excellent levels of chemical pureness, solid metallurgic structure, and high resistance. The Reinosa steel plant’s latest developments in forged back-up rolls produces a superior product compared to cast back-up rolls. The structural homogeneity of our forged rolls enables optimal performance in the mill.


The Reinosa steel plant specializes in:


Forged Rolls for Roughing Stands for Long Product Mills: Refined by advanced melt shop processes and forged in the most modern liquid hydraulic presses, these rolls result in excellent chemical purity, metallurgical soundness, and high toughness. The hardening in a progressive double induction process and the use of advanced processing equipment guarantees our products meet the need for wear resistance, surface quality, and maintaining roughness. Rolls are supplied with a hardness depth according to each application. Products with a deep hardness penetration are also available and have attained excellent performances. These rolls allow the most varied texture and finish degrees. They are ideal for application in rolling mills under the most severe conditions.


Forged Back Up Rolls for Hot and Cold Rolling Mills: These rolls are manufactured out of steel degassed by means of a vacuum process for a high level of purity and forged in the most modern liquid hydraulic presses to achieve a high degree of reduction. Products developed and put into applications have ensured a superior performance. The structural homogeneity of these rolls enables them to have a high hardness and toughness conditions. Having the ability to endure the most severe mill conditions, they are ideal in continuous hot strip and cold rolling mills.



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The Reinosa steel plant has specific units for forging and casting pieces with a worldwide activity scope, providing solutions to meet the needs of sectors such as shipbuilding (both mercantile and naval) electrical power generation, cement manufacturing plants, mineral preparation plants, steel and iron industries, heavy machinery components, and many more. We manufacture machined finished forgings (up to 70 tons) and castings (up to 140 tons). The Reinosa steel plant provides complete tailor-made solutions according to our customers’ needs in all sectors.