The Reinosa Steel Plant recognizes that we have a responsibility for the environment protection of our regional and global communities. Therefore, we conduct our operations in a socially responsible, ethical manner. We respect the law, protect the environment, support local and regional suppliers, and benefit the communities in which we work. Through careful daily practices and our Environmental Management System (in accordance with ISO 14001:2015), the Reinosa Steel Plant continuously evaluates and monitors all activities to manage our environmental impact, promote energy efficiency, reduce waste, and collaborate with private and public environmental protection agencies. To achieve the highest degree of sustainability, the Reinosa Steel Plant:


  • Empowers employees across all departments with sustainability awareness and gives them the capacity to contribute to our sustainability goals and dialogue
  • Engages employees and our communities in ongoing innovation and discovery of more sustainable practices for all our operations and business functions
  • Evaluates, builds, and operates equipment that minimizes its ecological footprint and contributes to the goal of climate neutrality
  • Creates new paradigms for energy, water, waste, transportation, and recycling systems that contribute to best practices
  • Participates and funds research initiatives and outreach activities to educate our communities, partner with regional universities, nourish our ecosystem, and enrich our cultural experiences and exchanges
  • Integrates sustainable practices into all aspects of planning and operations, considering both current and future implications in each step and decision


For more detailed information on the Reinosa Steel Plant’s sustainability activities, see Energy & Recycling.